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EPC 6 Persiapan Jalan Masuk WellpadBawen-Salatiga Toll RoadPLTMG 155 MW – BangkanaiSemarang-Solo Toll Road Package IVBalikpapan Logistic TerminalTangguh LNG Project

EPC 6 Persiapan Jalan Masuk Wellpad

Our recent projects on Pertamina EP Cepu

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Bawen-Salatiga Toll Road

Our other Earth moving project.

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PLTMG 155 MW – Bangkanai

Engine Area A @ desa Karendan.

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Semarang-Solo Toll Road Package IV

Finished toll road construction

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Balikpapan Logistic Terminal

Terminal for CPO Exchange @Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

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Tangguh LNG Project

Tangguh, Papua, Indonesia.

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“My business philosophy is to provide the customers with high quality products and excellent services. Customers to me are my employers. I have to serve them since they are the ones who provide me with my income. My philosophy at work is to strive my very best and ask for the God’s help in guiding me to achieve my goals.” - Surya A. Suruadji, President Director

Brief about Thonnindo

PT. Thonnindo Isiarta Konstruksi deals mainly in the Civil Construction work. In this main field, we become contractor with remarkable growth, beside cooperate with local contractors with national reputation, we also work together with international contractor that having good capabilities.

Rest assured that your construction projects is in the right hands. Our satisfied clients are the proof.

Our Scope of Works

We focus our business lines in the execution earthworks, road infrastructure, building construction, plant, storage tanks and refinery. In the future we proceed to expand the scope of our work to serve your needs.

Our Management Team

Armed with professional personnel that we have, we are ready to bring your project to go to manifestations according your design.

We did not hesitate to recruit trained professionals when our clients ask. Your satisfaction to our work will always be our priority.

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