Latest Progress of Our Construction

Starting project from begining of March 2010, it is a pleasure for us to present that construction of this project is at godspeed.

Tank B, with capacity 6000 tonnes and the piperack

Project began with the erection of CPO tank with 6000 tonnes capacity.

It started with foundation, steel plate fabrication,  erection and finishing. We are very proud that we can finish the erection of 5 tanks.

Tank B and the piperack

There are so much unexpected conditions that happened in erection process, which are, actual soil condition that different with the first design. This is affecting the process of tank foundation.

PT TIK as the main contractor gives its best effort to produce the best results, and we would like to makes sure that foundation that we make could last in very long time. This because the project site is located in offshore. The soil conditions is not very suitable for foundation which receive big load.

PT TIK gives the engineering services to owner about this matter, we suggested foundation type that suitable with soil condition as avoidance of breakage the structure. And at last in the end of February, the work of Tank with 6000 tonnes volume can be done.

Fuel tank and location of office and dormitory

After finished with the Tank B construction, we still has job to be done, such as the erection of CPO tank with 3800 tonnes of volume (5 tanks), and other important supporting items, such as utilities building, boiler, fuel tank, water tank, office and dormitory.

This is a big challenge for us to finish this all. At this time we compete with time, therefore best service and the best results are our main priorities.

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