Thonnindo will select the material needed to carry out the project based on specification by Client. We ensure that all qualification meets with the specification and negotiate for the best supplied product, seeing from its timely produce, timely deliveries and sureness of delivery.

Thonnindo next request for approval from Client prior purchase order. We supplied all the required information to the Client so the Client will give the best choice from 2 or more supplier.

The goods that ordered arrive at project location through the fastest way and bureaucracy, to mantain harmonization with project schedule.

Upon arrival, the goods is inspected by both Thonnindo and Client to make sure in accordance with the specification. If not satisfied, then Thonnindo will arrange a way to request for goods replacement.

Test and Inspection, and Quality Controlling are key points for all the procurement process. With our professional Quality Controller/Procurement Manager, we will insure that your needs are satisfied, and to proveide the manifestasion of design with sturdy, strong and durable finsihed product.