As the contractor of your project, Thonnindo held responsibility for all construction execution activities

Thonnindo responsible for selecting subcontractor, and the responsibility is extends to the performance of our subcontractor. Moreover, Thonnindo will directly manage, supervised and support all of the construction execution and supporting activities. We ensure to enlist our experienced Site Management Team.

We will include some of our key personnel from Head Office in Jakarta, to ensure that the knowledge, understanding, and history of the project useful for oversee the project. The overseeing activities is to make sure that the execution is conform with the client wish after the bidding process.

As listed in the Organization Chart for each project, the site team, will include all functional personnel as specified by the Client. Every request by Client will be fulfilled to ensure the project execution.

Beside the above responsibility and obligation for Thonnindo management, Thonnindo will provide this key item to run the execution harmonize with the schedule:

  • Temporary Facilities
  • Materials Procurement Management & Control
  • Overall Quality Assurance
  • Overall Inspection & Quality control
  • Site Health & Safety Control
  • Site Security
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning Assistant

Thonnindo will pass on those responsibility to our major subcontractor to performing those key point for their work.

However, Thonnindo will make sure all of our subcontractor meet with our quality standard as schedule goes on.

Thonnindo manage  the project and supervise all of its subcontractor to achieve progress for the work. In return the timely finish of the project is always become our priority.