Thonnindo will ensure that design, procurement, construction, activities are carried out in accordance with all Works HSE policies and standards, international standards, and Indonesian laws and regulations.

Thonnindo will ensure its subcontractors and vendors meet the HSE standards and requirements specified for the Works as defined in the safety policy.

Thonnindo will ensure that health and hygiene standards for accommodations areas, toilets, washing areas where food and drink are prepared and consumed, and where waste is disposed will be designed to meet the operational requirements and standards. A certified health hygienist will monitor the health and hygiene of these operations and the results will be documented and reported. Appropriate records will be retained the need for formal monitoring will be integrated into overall operations.

Thonnindo will perform monitoring using questionnaires and examinations by a doctor or competent person, biological monitoring and review existing records. Health monitoring will have a specific purpose and the implications of monitoring will be considered prior to starting the Plant.
Proper medical evaluations will be performed on personnel performing hazardous or specialized task, including crane operators, equipment operators, etc.

Thonnindo will ensure that the standards of health and hygiene are an integral part of HSE.