March, 2010


TIK is actively engaged in onshore Civil Construction Contractor.

These operations require a high degree of awareness of our company in order to protect the health and safety of company, our employees and subcontractors, the environment and the integrity of asset

TIK implements its HSEMS (Health, Safety and Environmental Management System) in achieving our objectives towards Health, Safety and Environment.

TIK is therefore strongly committed to ensuring that the actions and positive attitude of line Management assist in continuous improvement of HSE performance, and in the prevention of pollution.

HSE objectives shall always have precedence over other objectives.

Our goal is continuously reduce the number and severity of incidents, accidents, injuries and illnesses, minimize hazardous wastes, oil spill and gas emission, improve effluent discharge quality, promote resource conservation and reduce damages/ losses in general.


Line Management is responsible and accountable for enforcing these HSE policies and reaching its set objectives by, in particular, ensuring that:

  • Facilities are designed, constructed and maintained to reduce the risks to our employees/ sub contractors, the environment and our assets to the lowest level that is reasonably practicable
  • Operating and Emergency Procedures are established, followed and tested regularly.
  • A high degree of awareness of our employees and contractors towards Health, Safety and Environment is developed and maintained.
  • Competence of our employees and contractors is regularly assessed and appropriate training is undertaken.
  • Accident recurrence is to be avoided by means of reporting, analyzing and implementing remedial actions.
  • Inspections and audit programs are to be planned and executed to assess reliability of our operations.

Line Managers hold regular Health, Safety, and Environment Committee (HSEC) meeting to review the HSE performance and report the result and corrective action to Senior Management.


Each one of us is responsible and accountable for our actions in achieving these HSE objectives. The performance and attitude of all employees towards HSE matters are assessed in a spirit of openness and cooperation.


Our subcontractors and their employees deserve the same obligations towards HSE policies as our own employees. Subcontractor is selected based on their HSE performance by means of our Subcontractor Rating System.

We deeply believe that working in a healthy, safe and protected environment not only enhances the quality of life of our employees/ subcontractors and surrounding, but also improves the efficiency and the profitability of the company.